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Features has many features to help automation the donation request process. Below are just a few of the features you can expect from our product. Please click here to schedule a demonstration to get started.

Donation Request Dashboard:

This is the default screen when you login to your administrative area. All of your pending requests are presented in an easy to read format. One click to approve or deny the donation requests. Easily see the number of requests that were approved or denied with a total value of vouchers sent.

Quick and Easy Set-up:

After you enter your basic information all you need to do is create at least one custom voucher. Then simply add the link to your home page and you are ready to start receiving donation requests through

Customized Email Templates: provides email templates for the Thank You, Approved and Denied emails. Your logo and color theme will appear on your emails. These emails will automatically be sent based on your preferences. In addition, you can create a marketing email that is sent 3 days after their event marketing your venue, product or services for their next event.

Customized Vouchers:

With you can create as many vouchers as you need. Each voucher has a unique tracking code that can be exported to manage the redemption process. Create vouchers for the requests you approve as well as bounce back coupons and offers for the requests that you deny.

Automated Lead Marketing:

Donation Valet can automatically send out marketing emails based on your custom configuration. For example, you can have the system automatically send an email three days after their event congratulating them and asking them to visit your venue and talk about their next event.

Detailed Charity Information:

The charity must fill out a detailed form providing all the pertinent information about their cause. Simply click on the charity name from your dashboard and a pop-up window appears with all of the details.

Integrates with your Existing Website:

After you set up your account, you will receive a unique URL that you will place on your home page. This is where you will have any company asking for a donation go to fill out the donation request form. We have a logo that you can use as well.

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